The story of Apollo International begins in the most unlikely of places – Vietnam in the 1960s. Dennis Crowley and Richard “Dick” Ryer met while on duty in DaNang. When Dennis’ tour ended in 1966, he and Dick pledged to do something together in the future. Thirty-three years later, they did. Dennis and Dick founded Apollo Security in 1990 in Dennis’ Massachusetts home with the help of Dennis Crowley, III, known as Denny.

Apollo Security offered personalized security guard and patrol services from its inception. Phones were answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week and the founders were always immediately available to clients. In that aspect, not much has changed during the past 22 years. It is engrained throughout Apollo to immediately respond to clients’ needs, and when necessary, “go to the point of the flame.”

The company’s reputation for personalized attention and quality service, quickly acquired through its first contracts with General Motors and Data General, resulted in new clientele and steady growth. By 1992, Apollo had outgrown the Crowley home and moved to its present headquarters on Route One in Walpole, Massachusetts, just north of Gillette Stadium.

Apollo continued to grow into one of the largest security companies in the Northeast, opening branches in Connecticut in 1998, New York City in 2001, Rhode Island in 2003 and Philadelphia in 2004, while maintaining its strong Massachusetts client base and offering customized security expertise and investigative services at all locations. Today, Apollo provides uniformed services across the United States, and investigative, consulting and executive protection services globally.
As the company expanded domestically, the team began taking on more and more international assignments, taking advantage of its senior management’s global expertise. In 2012, after 22 years as “Apollo Security,” the company changed its name to “Apollo International” to reflect the company’s increasing global reach and sophistication.

Apollo International has headquarters in Massachusetts and New York, with support offices in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Tennessee, Virginia, Minnesota and Indiana. We provide security services nationally and internationally with the help of strategic partnerships and regional, in-market security agents. Our experienced leaders ensure all clients have access to our personalized security expertise no matter what the situation, where the security need exists or when it is required.

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