“What differentiates you from your competitors?” Apollo is a security services company that goes beyond uniformed personnel, providing a comprehensive approach encompassing all security related functions. Stemming from our veteran founders philosophy of “take care of the troops”, we have built our business and reputation on being the company that is “uncompromising” when it comes to taking care of our own. In our business, it’s people who drive quality.

The Story of Apollo

Founded 26 years ago by two Vietnam Veterans, Apollo continues to be owned and managed by the same family that started the company in the kitchen of their Massachusetts home. We have grown to become the 13th largest security company in the country with capabilities to support our customers in 29 states and throughout some of the most remote areas of the world. We have never merged or purchased another competitor and have no plans to do so. Our company founders and owners are uniquely focused on creating a security risk management service, one that is recognized for setting the bar for employee responsibility and customer service.

A “Great Place To Work®

Our employee centric culture drove us into consideration for the 2016 Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For where a formal review is conducted by the “Great Place to Work®” institute through a random survey of our employee base along with data we provided on our benefits, management approach, company culture, employee retention, compensation and other employee demographics. The results are revealing of our commitment to our people. In the world of security, the quality and commitment of personnel drives the customer experience. Apollo’s success in acquiring the best people lies within our “uncompromising” approach. It is not about what you do some of the time. It’s what you do every time.

• We offer major medical health insurance to every full-time employee. Our insurance has been ACA complaint since the day the company was founded 26 years ago.

• We pay above market wages to recruit talent that will drive the quality of our service. It’s these employees who find innovative ways to reduce costs.

• We provide up to four weeks of vacation, eight paid holidays and bereavement pay, more than any of our competitors because we believe in a balanced work life for our people.

• When we say we offer free uniforms, that’s what we mean. There is no deposit, no cost for tailoring, and there never has been.

• To us, knowledge is so important that we pay our people their full wage for all required traiPastedGraphic-11ning, including orientation. We also help them get their CPP & pay for the course.

• We support our employees life goals through the Apollo Scholarship Program • We pay our employees weekly so they get their earnings as fast as possible.

• We conduct employee reviews annually, recognizing contributions drive engagement.

• We customize every customer measurement report because we understand that it’s important to track what you want, not what we want you to see.

• All employees get free life insurance up to $50,000 and a 401k so they can take care of their families and plan for their future.

• We make sure management personally visits every employee on every shift. This is how we learn more about our people, their families and their goals.

• We do all of these things, all of the time, at every customer site.

The Apollo Difference

A risk management approach to security – Apollo International operates as your security department, rather than your security vendor. We focus on continuous improvement and finding cost efficiencies for our customers entire security program, tying in global operations, investigations, systems, technology, social media monitoring, and safety.

A family business – Privately held, U.S. based, with a strong culture centered around improving peoples’ lives and helping foster a healthy work/life balance.

Benefits that improve the quality of life – Our health insurance options, vacation, sick pay, matched retirement plans, life insurance, bonus programs, uniforms, performance awards, and annual reviews are unmatched in the industry.

Unique Managed Services, Investigations & Consulting (Global & Domestic) – A unique, quality focused, and cost-effective service tailored to the customer.

“Apollo Live” – Customized KPIs that not only track service performance, but also security incidents, safety, and root cause analysis at each customer site

“Power of Personal Service” – Coined by the company founders, this term is honored and remains true today to guide the company as a business philosophy for customer service and quality of our product.

Customer focused training – Our pre-assignment, ongoing training, and on-line e-learning library is amongst the best in the industry, what makes ours different is our customized approach around each unique customer situation.

When it comes to how Apollo recruits, trains employees, manages performance metrics, provides technology solutions, and transitions accounts, you will find we are in the top class in these areas and in many cases, setting the bar within the industry. But this is not the reason why you should choose us. Our goal is not to do business with people who need what we have. Our goal is to do business with people who believe, what we believe.

“Don’t compromise, choose Apollo”

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